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The photos

Trapping shadows, capturing light... we, photographers, are time robbers of a hopefully gentle kind. 


During our planned and often unplanned journeys, we freeze and, to paraphrase Susan Sontag, we take with us delicate slices of time - so delicately thin that we hope nobody misses them.


These are some of my captures taken from tales that were unfolding with many different speeds around me and the people I met so far. Many of these tales will continue long after we are all gone...


Many thanks for visiting - and for more information about the photos, obtaining prints or any comment, please feel free to drop a line via the contact page.

The photographer

I caught the photography "virus" in the early 1980s courtesy of a fully manual Russian compact camera. Film is still used occasionally, but nowadays I commit most of the (hopefully gentle) time robbery via digital means...


As a Transylvanian-born Hungarian settled in the UK, I remain grateful for the opportunities given by Gallery 1839 representing limited edition fine art prints, SaatchiArtIndigo Art UK agency, FineArtAmerica, and Alamy GOTO-Foto International libraries. Photos were also selected by Getty Images

Selected for The Directors Series exhibition at Photo19 and Photo20, Zurich.


As a long-standing member of the London Photographic Association (LPA) and the Bureau of Freelance Photographers (BFP), published photos and portfolios mainly in Black & White Photography Magazine, Digital Photographer, Practical Photography and Digital Camera magazines.

Among Giants

© by Levente Tóth Photography

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