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Afghanistan... á la McCurry

It is needless to say that if we think of anyone who can portray a country and its people post-Cartier-Bresson as well as the old master managed to, then the name one comes up with is, with high probability, Steve McCurry...

Afghanistan is a country that McCurry has a deep and long-standing relationship with - in many ways, we can say his unique personal relationship is actually with that country's people... portrayed in myriad exquisite ways in his photography over the last few decades.

Without the intent of advertising in the traditional and, well, nasty sense, one must mention that his moving and often breathtaking collection of photos about Afghanistan has come to London, too.

Beetles & Huxley is hosting the exhibition until the 7 June 2014, and the official link is here - as a tiny taster of what the lucky visitor is in for...

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