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Time And War

Warfare has evolved a lot, even if we humans haven't really...

But, as illustrious photojournalists like James Nachtwey have demonstrated in recent times, no matter how high-tech wars have become, the human (and inhumane) essence of them hasn't changed at all.

A rather astonishing photo series by Claire Felicie is based on her idea of taking pictures of soldiers before, during and after their service in Afghanistan.

She took portrait shots of 20 marines from the Netherlands... the time difference between the before and after shots is a mere 12 months... which, normally, would be an insignificant time period in the life of still very young men.

But... see the portraits for a touching study of marks that time and war put on their faces.

See the portraits, see the unchanging way in which war, even such postmodern war Umberto Eco wrote so eloquently about, leaves its marks on people.

The album perfectly entitled Marked can be viewed on the photographer's website, a part of Claire's larger project Here are the young men.

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