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Return of the analogue...

After quite a long and rather static existence on my shelves, a number of negatives and slide film frames ended up in my film scanner...

It was nice to revisit the older works, but then Photoshop post-processing of course allowed changing or (outrage!) even adding atmosphere to the photos that anyway had quite a distinct look due to the various film stocks used... Many of those films no longer exist, even some true "classics" have dissolved into footnotes of photo material history...

Well, whilst I play with the old material shot with a faithful Canon EOS33 that I still possess and uses sometimes, picked one image that was shot in Budapest when they were doing some renovation work around the statues in the Vorosmarty square.

Some duotone treatment of the originally colour slide (on the superb Fuji Provia 400F) eventually led to this image...

"Death is the veil which those who live call life; they sleep, and it is lifted." (P. B. Shelley)

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