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Hong Kong Memoirs

After a perhaps too long summer break that ended up sliding into autumn eventually, it is perhaps an abrupt return to this blog, if I start with something that may seem like an advertising for some photo book.

However, Fan Ho's exquisite photo collection, published under the title Hong Kong Memoirs absolutely stands out among the myriad recent photography-themed materials I've seen.

There are many fascinating experiments with overlays of images, pre-dating Photoshop wizardry, and some were just gently modified in Photoshop in the final stages.

However, far from being a purist, I personally found the photos with highest emotional impact to be the ones that were "straight" takes on the everyday life in the Hong Kong of the 1950s.

The world that Fan Ho shows us is a very different one from the current mainstream photos that hammer our senses with the imagery of a pulsating hypermodern metropolis.

Among the many websites and articles that dedicated ample space to this photo collection, just picked the Yatzer article due to the decent sizes of the photos.

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